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  • - This harp trolley is designed to transport any type of harp. Harps with folding pedals as well as harps with non-folding pedals, double pedals and single pedals, concert harps, folk harps, Irish harps, Paraguay harps, hook harps and other types.
    - The harp trolley with two tires and three belts weighs all in all just 4,5 kg.
    - It has no connections or load-bearing parts made of plastic that could become brittle after a few years and could break in an unexpected moment, in contrast to the aluminum and stainless steel screws installed in this car which do not lose any solid properties over time. The belt-buckles are not made from plastic but metal.
    -By this trolley transported harps are safe 100 percent. You can even turn the harp completely and it still remains linked to the trolley in a secure way. Thi¬s is the safest harp trolley in the world.
    - The car is made of rectangular aluminum tubes, which looks unique and interesting but the trolley is more stable and reliable as made of round tubes. The handle is of course round and softly padded.
    - Accordingly the wheels are offset and do not rub on the harp pedals. This is important for the non-folding pedals. The transversal beam in front of the wheel axles is also moved backwards, resulting in a lot of free space in this area, thanks to which the lower body of the harp does not touch the undercarriage. In addition, the lower portable sheet metal platform is correspondingly free cut in the rear area, which is important for concert harps and for harps with shorter rear feet.
    - Thanks to the wheels offset to the rear, the harp can be lifted higher while driving and the car will not rub or bump against any unevenness of the ride.
    -The harp feet stand on a padded platform and the upper tie is padded with thick foam rubber.
    - The wheels have pneumatic tire, optimal size 12.5 "and are equipped with ball bearings. Thanks to the quick-release buckles, the wheels can be removed quickly without tools and assembled again.
    - The harp can be transported with and without a protective cover.
    - The cart is so balanced that it stands on its own without a harp and does not tip over.
    - The harp can be fastened to the cart with three strap
    - The volume of the cart can be reduced by folding it at the hinges.
    - In addition, you can reduce the size by folding the upper support arch and removing the wheels, without tools. This is important when there is not enough space in the car or in the apartment.
    - This cart was tested by harpists from different countries. Their opinions and suggestions caused some elements to be improved. All customer recommendations have been implemented in this harp cart.
    -The harp cart comes with three straps.